For photographers who are interested in taking their talent to the next level, gain a creative boost for inspiration, or have areas in their business that are holding them back from reaching their goals, Brooke Daniels offers Workshops, One-onOne Mentorships, Destination Workshops with the Senior Style Guide Magazine and Online Skype Sessions. As a self-taught photographer, she has learned the hard way over the past decade, what works and what doesn’t work, and loves to share her experience and knowledge with others to help their businesses grow.

Brooke Daniels Photography Senior Workshop (for intermediate to advanced)


• Two full days of learning, shooting, editing
• Limited to only 12 photographers
• 5-6 teen models (including professional agency-signed models)
• Topics include: Spokesmodel Teams, Branding, Marketing, In Person Sales, Pricing, Products, Stylized Shoots, Client Workflow, Working with Local Partners, Intern Programs, Balancing Work & Family, Image Critique, Editing Tips, Lighting, Posing, Shooting Stronger Images SOOC and more!
• Our Workshop is the only one to offer in-depth education from a professional Hair Stylist and licensed Makeup Artist to give you the tools to take home to better style your own clients
• Includes dinner sponsored by WHCC, a gift, and plenty of take home material
• Attendees may add on a head shot session by Brooke with professional hair & makeup


One-on-One Private Mentorships

• 3 Hours of intense learning & editing, 2 Hours of shooting, Professional Headshot and Lunch together
• These take place during the school year on select weekdays
• Each mentorship is custom to meet your specific goals and areas of interest. Teen models with professional hairstyling and makeup are provided for the shoot, as we work on posing, styling and lighting together hands on. Photographers may also upgrade to professional HMU prior to their own head shots to help relaunch their own branding.


Online Skype Mentorships

• 2 Hours of one-on-one time, dedicated to focus on your points of interest
• Perfect for photographers who are unable to travel or prefer the convenience of learning from the comfort of home in your pajamas
• Multiple sessions are available for purchase if more time is needed to reach your goals
• Available topics: Marketing, In Person Design Sessions/Sales, Spokesmodel Teams, Interns, Lighting, Posing, Image and Website Critique, Pricing/ Products, Working with Boutiques, HMU & Styling Tips, Work flow, Editing.


Brooke Daniels Photography General Portrait Workshop (for beginners to intermediate)

• One full day of education with hands-on shooting
• We will focus on the ins and outs of the business side, to help you launch your business on the right track. Other topics include natural lighting, posing, how to shoot stronger images straight out of the camera, editing tips, pricing, image critique, and marketing.
• This is geared toward beginners who are in the early phases (first two years) of their business
• Models for the shooting portion include a family with children, a couple, and a teen to help boost your portfolio and increase your posing game. We will cover several genres, as this is not geared toward Senior Portraiture.
• Attendees may add on a head shot session by Brooke with professional hair & makeup


For more details and pricing, please email Brooke@BrookeDanielsPhotography

Restrictions for all Workshops and Mentorships Include: Must be at least 18 years old. Must own a DLSR camera, have an understanding for basic shooting knowledge and feel comfortable with manual mode settings. We recommend that you have a website and a licensed registered business with a tax ID number. Our General Portrait Workshop does not have geographic restrictions and anyone meeting the above criteria is welcome to attend, regardless of your location. All other Workshops and Mentorships, attendees’ permanent residence must fall 150+ miles outside the radius of Stafford, VA (22554).

SSG Destinations

Brooke and The Senior Style Guide Magazine host 2 Destination Shootouts annually. From the bright lights of NYC to a luxury sailboat off the cost of Isle of Palms to the majestic country of Iceland, each Destination Workshop is unique and jammed-packed with the most gorgeous teen models (including agency-signed professional models), professional hair styling, makeup, and knock-yoursocks-off wardrobes and locations. Our sponsors, WHCC, Studio Flow, Rebooku, Fotostrap, Connie & Company, and Shop Memento spoil our attendees with amazing swag and stupendous meals! Not only do our attendees have the most incredible experience on these adventures, but they are truly able to set themselves apart from their competition by upping their portfolio game with editorial style images unlike anything their clientele have seen before and help launch their brand to a higher level! Our Iceland Adventure sold out in less than one hour, but you can check out for our next upcoming Destination Shoot.


PUSH Conference

July- Indiana: 2017 will be the third year Brooke has been a speaker and mentor at the PUSH Senior Photography Conference. Next year she will be cover the topic of Destination Senior Portraiture.

Hi Brooke
I am back in Frankfurt and I cant express to you in words what your workshop meant to me. I would have traveled from the deepest parts of Africa to spend the day learning from you. I learned so so so much, but what was so special was your warmth and compassion, it came across so authentically. You are an uber educator. I felt so loved and learned such a wealth of information that will forever change and improve my business!!!

HUGS forever, Monica O.
Frankfurt, Germany
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heard! After your workshop, I have stopped working weekends… and no longer feel guilty about it! Before your workshop, my average sale had been about $400 per session. I was just giving away too much. But this week I received a check from my FIRST in person ordering session with my NEW pricing and it was for $1,853.94! My investment in your workshop has already paid off, several times over! And my second order was $1802.00. Wow! I can’t thank you enough!

Tracy H, Pennsylvania
The BDP workshop was such a great boost to my business. We all fall into a rut from time to time, and need fresh ideas, business tips, etc... to stay competitive in today's market while staying true to your own personal values. Brooke's tips helped me in areas of my business that were lacking direction and I was able to walk away with a business plan I could implement immediately to work smarter not harder. I left feeling inspired and with the drive to take my business to the next level. In addition to a day full of education, the shooting portion was amazing- top notch models- and we were treated to the most amazing dinner and I even won a WHCC custom album. I would highly recommend Brooke’s workshop to anyone looking to advance their business, increase their creativity and strengthen their skills.

Thanks again so much, Michelle A. (Maryland)
I just returned from Brooke Daniels THE Workshop. It was an absolutely amazing day that was jam packed with a wealth of valuable information. Brooke shared everything that she learned and uses in her own business. She really is an open book. I cannot wait to implement my new pricing and marketing strategies that I learned from Brooke. My two favorite parts of the day were photographing the most beautiful models in this old power plant covered in graffiti and hearing that photography is my gift from God. Brooke has taken the time to carefully plan every detail of the entire workshop from start to finish. It was an impactful event and I walked away with some wonderful friendships and life changing business practices.

Many blessings,
Jen Gengraphics, LLC
There just aren’t words enough to describe how much I have gained in your seminar. I have been thinking for days trying to come up with words that will convey my gratitude for the opportunity to attend your workshop.

This seminar has changed almost every aspect of my photography, it changed my business plan, my portrait set ups, my lighting, dealing with clients, and most importantly my overall attitude. I came away from your seminar with a belief and understanding that I never expected. If I would have learned only 1/2 of what was taught I would have been satisfied but I am beyond satisfied! I left with not one single question left unanswered. You went above and beyond my every expectation. I had no idea you would be so open with your business practices, your tips and techniques. Not being a classroom person I find it best to self teach but I know it would have taken me many, many years of research to gain that much knowledge and I learned things from you that I didn’t even know I needed to learn!

To observe you while you photographed a live shoot was priceless! That was an amazing experience I will treasure forever. I retained so much more because it was hands on. I gained confidence because I realized that getting lost in your work or tunnel vision was ok. My friends and family always laughed at me because I would get caught up in the zone, but watching you do the same thing made me so happy.

I truly had a blast shooting your models, even though you described the models and the live shoot before the seminar I had no idea it would be that amazing.

I am so, so pleased with what I came away with after just one day, I truly had no idea. On the way home I thought Brooke should change her seminar name to “The WHOLE Works” Workshop. This was my first true senior photography seminar, I have attended may photoshop photography conferences which I enjoyed but always felt like a number. The tone you set for your seminar was cozy and comfortable so all my reservations were put to ease within 5 minutes of class. It was an intimate environment which made learning so much more enjoyable.

I had my first photography session today since your workshop, I handled it completely different because of what I learned from you and I knew how to achieve what my end vision was, I knew how to carry my art knowledge in to my set up. I am no longer a person with a good camera, I am now creating art with my camera. I want to tear down every photo on my website and replace them with what I know I can accomplish. You taught me to create the scene instead of waiting for happy accidents. It seems ridiculous that I didn’t know the obvious but it didn’t click until I saw you in action.

In closing, I think you have a unique gift to teach, always showing a genuine passion to help each one of us with our struggles and questions. I would recommend your seminar to anyone and everyone with an interest in photography. I am so thankful I took this course during the infancy of my business so that my knowledge gained will set the tone for much success.

Carol W.
I can’t say enough wonderful things about the workshop I attended last weekend with Brooke Daniels! Brooke is such a giving soul and it showed during her workshop and it still shows now as she continues to work with her workshop attendees and offer help long after the workshop ended, including a full Skype session to share more in-depth editing techniques and tips. The rain threw a wrench into our shooting plans for our workshop day but Brooke turned a bad situation into a wonderful one by coming up with an AMAZING indoor location that most photographers would die for! And then professional models to shoot was the icing on the cake! No topics were off limits and Brooke was willing to share anything and everything about her business. My only wish was that the workshop lasted longer! Kudos to Brooke and to an amazing workshop! I can’t wait to see what she plans for the next one. You won’t be disappointed!!

Tracy H.
Where to begin with BDP The Workshop?! Well, let me just start by saying how AMAZING of a person Brooke is! She is so sweet, and kind and generous. I don't know what other workshop host would take their Sunday, a day for family, to bring me back to the airport. And anyone that knows how bad DC traffic is, knows thats insanely generous! The workshop itself was so much fun! Brooke was an open book and answered all of our questions without hesitation. I couldn't have asked for a better group of ladies to attend with, either. Because of the rainy weather (the bane of every photographers existence) we had to shoot indoors, but Brooke had plan B and probably plan C up her sleeve and we got to shoot at THE most awesome abandoned building on the water. It was the perfect backdrop for the perfect models - who all looked stunning thanks to Brooke's makeup artist Teddi and her Glam Squad! They make the best team ever. I walked away from BDP The Workshop feeling refreshed, ready to tackle some new things in my business and also with some great lasting friendships! I LOVE my Fotostrap that I won too- it’s on my camera now! Thank you so much for everything, Brooke! I can't wait to implement all that i've learned! Seriously THANK YOU! Because of this weekend I finally felt it was time to start the transition into photography full time and I decided to reduce my hours at my other job!

Hannah R., Wisconsin
I cannot tell you how much I learned at the Brooke Daniels Photography Workshop! It was a jam-packed day full of every kind of photography knowledge and wisdom you could ever need. We went over every single aspect of being a professional photographer and running a successful senior business. Brooke was so in-tune with our needs and concerns. She asked us beforehand what our biggest struggles were, and then addressed every single one of them in detail. But the thing that really sets her apart is that she wasn't up there telling us how much she knows about the business and showing us what she does. She was finding out what WE need and giving us advice that will help each of US grow as senior photographers and as photographers in general. She didn't hold back any information for herself, she didn't hide her best posing or pricing information, but she put everything out there so that we can also learn and grow. She really cared about all of us and wants us to do well. She wants us to believe in ourself and our talent, and really succeed.

I came away with so much information it will take me weeks to sort through it all, but I also came away with a renewed excitement and passion for my business. I wanted to immediately put everything into practice! I feel like I am really able to succeed now, and to really change and grow my business while still loving what I do every day. A million Thank You’s!

Danielle Boggs (California)
Brooke Daniels’ THE Workshop was a GREAT experience and a terrific investment for my photography business. Brooke was down to earth, professional and bestowed a wealth of information, along with how to’s. She had a fabulous line up of professional models, an amazing HMUA and a well designed set for the photo shoot. After attending many workshops I finally feel like this is the workshop I needed that will give me the techniques I need to run my business. We were treated to a fabulous dinner, at a private tasting at Foode, by Top Chef’s Joy Crump, received the most lovely gift (silver Kate Spade bracelets), and won several amazing products too! I highly recommend attending THE Workshop by BPD!

Kellis Photography
Dear Brooke,
I can't thank you enough for hosting such an amazing senior workshop! I have attended several professional senior workshops in the past couple of years and The BDP Workshop stands FAR above the rest. I think the thing I loved most was the fact that you were so open and so willing to share everything you know, good and bad, with the attendees. There was no question left unanswered and that is rare in today's photography workshops. I felt like everything you told the group was genuinely from the heart with the hopes that each of us would succeed in our businesses. You are so genuine, honest, very funny and so much fun to be around and I am so thankful I made the decision to attend your workshop. I felt like a VIP, with the exclusive shooting location, private chef's dinner at Foode, and the beautiful, meaningful parting gift that will help me stay focused on the goals I have set for my business- I will cherish it always! The plethora of information that was discussed and all the helpful tips and tricks will keep me busy for the next few months as I take my senior business to the next level. Thank you again for a fabulous weekend!

Hey Brooke -
I thought the workshop was amazing! I loved the fact that you had SO much information to share with us. I love that you wanted to know what we wanted to learn and made sure that all areas were addressed. I really love that you offered a followup Skype session to finish up more editing education. It shows that you are totally committed to the educational side of your workshops and that you are true to your word- exceeding all of our expectations and really going above and beyond what any of us expected. Many photographers would NOT do an additional session after the workshop was over. Anyway, I am thrilled that I was able to attend and I am totally excited about your Destination NYC Shoot in June. I am implementing pricing changes and LOVE your idea about the interns! That alone was worth the cost of the workshop. I have been using high school students for the past couple of years but have been paying all of them - and it adds up, so I love your genuine idea! I am working on an intern application now and plan to start by mid May. Thanks again for everything!! It was wonderful to meet you.

Jen Clark Photography