No two seniors are alike, therefore no two sessions are alike. We take the time to really get to know our clients prior to their session so that we can find the perfect location and wardrobes to best fit their own style, personality and interests.

Established in 2007, we have helped shape the direction of Modern High School Senior Portraiture in the industry. We are the only photographer in our area to Specialize just in High School Senior Portraits and Commercial Fashion. This allows us to focus all of our time and energy in researching fashion, trends, and products dedicated exclusively to the teen and young adult market.

Because we are not a high volume studio, only accepting a total of 30 Senior Clients annually, we pride ourselves in offering a true custom portrait experience. We build relationships with each family we have the honor of working with because they are way more than just a number to us. As a mother of two, I know the importance of making sure every single teen feels welcomed, loved, cherished and celebrated!

Over the past decade, Brooke’s work has been featured on eight national magazine covers, in multiple newspapers, and in over two dozen different publications. She is an award-winning artist who is internationally recognized and respected as a leader and educator in the photography industry.

Anyone can take a nice traditional senior portrait. Pose, smile, click, repeat. But it takes someone with additional training, a creative mindset and years of experience to create a work of art. We welcome you to check out what Brooke is best known for, creative stylized shoots that tell a story. She is nationally recognized for her concept shoots and offers workshops, speaking engagements and mentor sessions to other photographers across the country. Whether it’s levitation art, underwater photography or editorial fashion shoots, you can rest assured each session will be unlike anything any of your friends have seen before.

You might find most photographers don’t invest much time editing. It’s hours spent behind the computer (boring!) while most would rather be behind the camera (exciting!). But it’s an essential tool in transforming a lovely image into a exceptional one. Brooke shoots in raw mode, to assure the highest quality image, and edits in both Lightroom and Photoshop. She spends over 10 hours editing each session, to make sure colors are perfectly corrected and imperfections are minimized, so that you will look your absolute best, while still looking like YOU! While some over edit, Brooke knows the importance of making sure you still look like your gorgeous, youthful self so that each dimple and freckle will still sparkle, just the way God created you, perfect in His image! We use state of the art equipment and the most reputable professional portrait lab in the country to offer our clients an unmatched experience, start to finish!

Brooke is the only Senior Photographer in the area to work with T.H.E. Artist Agency, top modeling agency in DC, as both a photographer for their talent and also as a model scout. Working with professional models in the fashion industry helps Brooke stay on top of current trends. Every young lady wants to look and feel like she just jumped off the pages of Teen Vogue, and Brooke knows exactly how to make that happen for every one of her clients! Natural posing is a key element in creating unforgettable images and Brooke’s background in posing and styling is unparalleled.

Our Glam Squad provides an exceptional hair styling and professional airbrush makeup application prior to your session to ensure you look and feel your absolute best! Our female clients love our complimentary styling service where we hand select wardrobes from our boutique partners to bring to your session. In addition to your own favorite outfits, you will feel like a celebrity getting to model gorgeous trend-setting garments, selected exclusively for you!

Do we only shoot Senior Girls? Heavens no! As a mamma to both a daughter and a son, I can relate to the fellas and know how to make their session a fun, laid back experience that they will actually enjoy!